A Picture Is Worth A Million Words

Hey guys let me preface this post with I know the expression is, ” a picture is worth a thousand words.” I just felt like changing up today because I could…..Anyway whether it’s a thousand words or a million words pictures have the ability to log moments in time that are truly indescribable.  Whether your capturing an awesome action shot, or your new born child, photos allow us to reflect and reminisce on amazing experiences that simply can’t be put into words.

For example, I have a photo in my home of the day I quit my job and got out of corporate America to start my own business. Every time I look at it a rush of different emotions come over me and I simply can’t put them into words.

Perhaps that’s the most beautiful part about pictures is that they don’t need words. It’s up to the viewer to interpret what they seen and make their own assessment of what’s going on. If I were to look at the Mona Lisa I might I see a woman that was having a bad day, while someone else might see a beautiful, elegant, sophisticated woman posing appropriately according to her time.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Success

It doesn’t matter if you won’t to be a world renown photographer or a multi-millionaire stock broker, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. Everyone wants to live a lavish life but most people are afraid to put in the work or are simply scared they don’t possess the qualities to do so. It all comes to down to getting your head straight. Success is more of a psychological battle then it is a tangible skill set. Time and time again I’ve witnessed people talk themselves out of chasing an opportunity that could change their life.

I’m not saying it’s easy and that’s the point. I’m sure you’ve heard the line, “if it were easy everyone would do it” and that’s absolutely spot on. If you don’t see it for yourself, who will? Embrace opportunity to the fullest degree and don’t be afraid to make imperfect action.

As a business owner from slo carpet cleaning once told me, “take imperfect action” and the rest will fall into place. At first I didn’t acknowledge what was he talking about, but after I checked out his back story and the success he had at an early age, it finally clicked. He failed hundreds of times making rookie mistakes but still continued to push forward, and therefore, accomplished his goal of being a successful business owner.

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Procrastination Kills

Over the years I’ve studied and observed many different people to get a better understanding of what it takes to live life “your way.” I talked to successful people and I talked to people that hated every single day. As I compared the two different types of people I realized that procrastination separated them.

When I spoke with people that lived a life in which they were unhappy with, they inadvertently revealed that they didn’t take the necessary action to live their dream life. The areas in which people procrastinated ranged from not receiving higher education, not following through with business opportunities, or allowing addictive behaviors to consume them.

On the other hand when I spoke with people that are successful in their own right, they didn’t procrastinate to achieve their dreams. They seemed to take immediate focused action and developed a mindset that couldn’t be broken in order to become successful.

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Too Much Noise!

No matter who you are at some point in your life people are going to try to tell how and what you should be doing. Although, sometimes it is helpful, often time it’s annoying. The way I see it is it’s my life and I’m going to do what I want! That may sound dumb or disrespectful but I thoroughly dislike when everyone tells me what to do.

It’s one thing when I ask for help or advice, but when someone tries to force unwanted information upon me it makes me crazy! Recently, people from my life keep telling me that I should change my career and do something more conventional. However, I refuse to because normal isn’t the life I want to live. At time there’s so much noise around me that it’s hard to think and gather my thoughts.

I respect people that bring value to me, but not people that talk just to heart their own voice. At the end of the day it’s my life and no one else’s, so if I want to travel the world and take photos for a living I’m going to do it. Or if I want to turn around tomorrow and create a think tank to come up with the worlds most innovative invention than i’ll do it.

By no means am I perfect and I make my fair share of mistakes. However, in those mistakes there are lessons to be learned that teach life lessons. Ultimately, making mistakes is a part of life and it helps individuals to grow and become better.

For the rest of my life I’m going to continue to make mistakes and mess up, but I’ll learn from them which will help me  to live a better life.  People that think they know everything and perhaps the most frustrating people to be around. Their arrogance and ignorance is off putting and creates tension. The last thing I want to be around is someone that constantly belittles my life choices.

Sorry for the rant…..just people of this nature have been getting on my nerves lately. I want to be as successful as the next person but don’t want unwanted negativity in my life.

Life is truly amazing and I don’t have time for all the excess noise. We all have dreams we want to accomplish, and as result, we must be able to think for ourselves in order to figure what we need to do to make them happen.

Themes Of Life

Just in case you weren’t aware there are “themes” in life other than just online and mobile devices.

When most people think of the term theme they associate it with a background or layout for a technological device. However, when I think of themes, I think of themes of life. In other words, lessons learned from experiences throughout life.

So what is the most important theme of life?

There’s no right answer here.

For me, I grew up with depression invading my each and every thought. My own mind was working against me and everyday was a battle to fight myself. In the beginning of my life depression was my theme. It consumed me for years and it’s presence was everywhere.

However, themes in life can be changed if you want them too. I was tired of being sick of myself and I wanted to embrace life, not reject it. Therefore, I began to change my mindset and slowly the theme of my life went from depression to happiness. Happiness surrounded me, and as a result, my life changed.

Perhaps I’m losing you due to to my inadequate explanation of my version of theme. In a nut shell, a theme in life is like the setting you surround yourself in whether it’s good or bad.

Everyone has multiple themes in their life at any one time. For instance, family could be a theme, business could be a theme, hobbies could be a theme…… and so on and so forth.

As previously mentioned, the most important themes in someones life is dependent on how they prioritize things. Or perhaps what influences them most. Although not all themes are pleasant, every theme can be learned from.

The themes of life are always changing and evolving through the times. What someone is going through today may not have been relevant 50 years ago.

Perhaps I’m just crazy and all this is just nonsense. But I would like to believe that the word “theme” means more than just a layout or background for technology.

Currently, my newest theme in life is becoming a better businessman. It consumes my every thought and pushes me to innovate and get creative.

But that’s enough for now…… I’ll update you guys on my business craziness at another time.

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